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Pool & Spa Service

Scheduled Maintenance


Swain Pools & Spas is the pool and spa service business you are looking for where experience meets quality!  We provide pool service, spa service, pool maintenance, and spa maintenance on a weekly or monthly schedule. Our team provides the most qualified and dependable licensed service – and guarantees that your pool will be fully-serviced on the agreed upon schedule. Thoroughly cleaning and balancing water for your pool on a weekly basis will ensure clean and safe swimming water.  It will also extend the life of the surface in concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools.  We use specialty chemicals to address both parts of proper water care (sanitation and balancing). Most companies only do sanitation which makes water clean and clear, but if left unbalanced can cost thousands of dollars in the long run

from damage to surface and/or equipment. Swain Pools & Spas is the one stop shop for all your pool care needs!

Pools Cleaned

“We hired Swain Pools & Spas after the last company wasn’t routinely showing up and allowed our pool to turn green. Since I’ve switched to Swain I’ve not had a single issue as they initially cleared my water up and have kept it beautiful since. Best pool and spa company in the area.” – Kelly

“Our pool had never looked as great as it does now after they began taking care of it. They always do an excellent job keeping our pool properly balanced on the schedule we agreed upon. Couldn’t be happier with the service!” – Mr. Jackson

“We’ve used Swain Pools & Spas for the last 10 years and haven’t had even the slightest problem with their service. Highly recommend them to anyone needed professional pool and spa maintenance.” – Timothy & Joan

Spas Delivered & Installed

“We decided that we wanted a hot tub and went to Swain Pools and Spas. They showed my wife pictures of the newer designed models that were coming out and my wife liked the newer models’ cabinet design better than the showroom model. Swain pools worked with us and got us the newer model as soon as the factory started shipping them out. The service was great, on time for all the appointments, and very professional.” – Jeff & Ashley
“After we decided on a new hot tub, we had Swain deliver and install it on our outdoor patio. The process was hassle free, the customer service was great, and our new hot tub was perfectly installed. We recommend Swain!” – Pam
“We were completely unsure of what kind of hot tub we wanted. After visiting Swain Pools & Spa’s showroom we were much more knowledgeable about exactly what we wanted and they helped us with the process of selection to installation from beginning to end.” – Belinda

Spa Delivery, Installation, & Customization

Delivery & Installation


After ordering your new spa or hot tub, Swain Pools & Spas delivery and installation team will promptly deliver your new spa and install it in the predetermined location. Our experience and timeliness of service makes us the only choice in Tallahassee for your spa and hot tub needs.



If you are seeking a personal in ground spa, or wish to customize one above ground, Swain Pools & Spas is the only trusted source to create the custom spa of your dreams. Contact us today and begin planning your new custom spa or hot tub with the most

experienced professionals in all of Tallahassee!

Repair, Restoration, & Renovation

Repair & Restoration


Have a leak, broken heater, or need some restoration work done? Whether it needs to be fixed, restored, or replaced, there isn’t a problem that can not be solved by our highly qualified technicians. Swain Pools & Spas is your one stop shop for all patio and outdoor deck needs.



Is your current pool dated? Or are you seeking to bring your current pool or pool deck to life? Our renovation crew specializes in recreating that “ahh” feeling by applying modern techniques to transform a poorly constructed pool into one

that any pool owner would absolutely be proud of.

Pools Repaired

“Swain Pools resurfaced and remodeled our pool and deck, installed new pump and cleaner equipment and installed a new drainage system around our pool and deck. We couldn’t more pleased with the timeliness and professionalism of this company. Great hire.” – Mary
“We had used Swain Pools and Spas for our pool liner replacement about a year ago and was very pleased with the service we received and the cool deck application around the pool. Definitely will go back for all our pool and spa needs.” – Teresa & Mike
“Most of our pool equipment used to leak and was really noisy. After calling Swain Pools & Spas they fixed the problem that is now saving me tons on my monthly electrical bill. Thank you Swain!” – Joseph

Pools Constructed

“From start to finish, this was a fun project! Mr. Swain and his crew provided direct service every step of the way–from the first consultation visit to the final demonstration of the routine maintenance required. Our new house wouldn’t be the same without the new pool and deck we had constructed!” – Shelly
“Swain Pools & Spas assisted my husband and I with the initial planning and design of our new pool. After agreeing upon a design for the project the construction team had our pool built that we couldn’t be happier with. Definitely the best pool builders in the area.” – Laura
“Our tricky backyard dictated that whatever pool builder we chose would have to get creative. Creative is an understatement as Swain Pools & Spas innovated our new pool and spa project to fit the difficulties our property provided. Truly amazed at the skill and professionalism of this operation.” – Richard

Plan, Design, & Construct


Plan & Design


Ready to begin planning a new pool or spa for your home but unsure where to start? Our team specializes in assisting customers who need help planning an efficient pool for their property. Swain Pools & Spas is the only place to go to have your next pool project designed by a team of true professionals.



Our pool construction team are the most qualified pool builders in Tallahassee and all of the surrounding areas. Our innovative approach applying modern technologies allows us to construct any kind of pool, spa, pool deck, pond, and much more that surpasses our customer’s expectations on a routinely basis.

There's a reason we've served the local community for over 36 years.

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